Welcome to Platinum Connections Ltd.

We are an Internet commerce/software developer and Internet service provider. We operate out of Canada and, through the Internet, can reach the far corners of the world.


Please feel free to utililize the resources on our site as long as you wish by using the buttons to the right of the screen. If you would like to contact us you may do so by clicking the E-MAIL PLATINUM CONNECTIONS bar at the top of the screen, otherwise, our address is listed at the bottom of every page.

Mission Statement

Platinum, recognizing the unique paradigm which is the information industry, its unlimited potential and understanding that the basis for its success lies within the intellectual property created by the endeavors of its employees undertakes the following mission:

To foster a corporate culture that allows its employees to realize their full potential in the development of information technologies and create products that reflect this culture.

Maintain its advantage in the industry by its ethical conduct and commitment to excellence.

Contribute to the ongoing evolution of the Internet through the development of productivity tools and commercial ventures.

R. Harris

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