Welcome to Platinum Connections' Software Page. Here you will find links to shareware and freeware that can be downloaded directly to your computer. Click on the icon to go to the venders home page.


WWW Browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer is the new choice in WWW browsing.
The newest version of the Netscape Navigator can be found on Netscape's home page.
E-mail Readers
Eudora Light by QualComm is a freely distirubuted version of their e-mail reader. This page includes information on ordering Eudora Pro.
IRC Software (International Relay Chat)
mIRC Home Page "mIRC offers the possibility to easily join channels advertised on the World Wide Web. With the new mIRC you can use the World Wide Web to navigate through the channels offered on IRC. People can create collections of their favorite chat channels and include links to these channels on their home pages. You can click on such a link and mIRC will be started automagically and join the channel you clicked on."
HTML Editors
If you would like to write your own web page, visit and download one of their Hotdog HTML editing tools.

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